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Transport Management Software is easy to use and flexible to meet your business process requirement. The ERP system does not require skilled manpower to operate it and runs on infrastructure and provides high ROI. Flexible modular approach makes Lozics software affordable for every one, be it small or big corporate company.

Logistic and Transport Management Software

Logistic & Transport Management Software

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  • Quick customer history look-up.
  • Quickly identify therapist and room availability.
  • Quick re-assigning of therapists.
  • Lock appointment to therapist or room.
  • Book salon packages.
  • Drag and drop for quick rescheduling.
  • Filter by therapist name, job or room.
  • Customers self-book appointments.
  • Quickly see availability on other dates.
Transport & Logistics Operations
  • Consignment movement control from booking point, trans-shipment point and delivery point.
  • Provides total control over billing using customer contract management.
  • Operational expenses are controlled using vendor contract management.
  • Indirect expenses are controlled using authorization, cost centre and projects.
  • Fleets are effectively managed by on time maintenance and renewal of govt. duties, permits etc. before expiry using alert system.
  • Trip related expenses are controlled by total control over fuel, driver en route, T.A. and salary expenses.
  • Most expenses fleet consumable components like Tyres and Batteries are effectively managed using LOZICS fleet system.
  • Spare Parts, Tyres, Batteries and other consumables stock is managed and order is placed to lowest bidder using quotations and comparative charts modules.
  • LOZICS also has capability to partially transport consignment using container, rail and air.
  • 3rd Party logistics, stock, handling and billing is effectively managed using warehouse module.
Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Mapping different warehouses with respect to space availability as a whole and location (rack wise).
  • Delivery and internal transfer orders from customers.
  • Location wise tracking of inventory.
  • Contracts with service provides of loading, unloading etc.
  • Customer contracts for warehouse rent and handling charges and allowed handling losses.
  • Rent and handling charges Bill and integration with accounts module.
  • Bill passing option for handling charges.
  • Provide inventory information to customer at a click of mouse.
  • Physical Stock Count.