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Create amazing Online Product marketing Store that also make you look amazing.

Open Ground

Lead Generation

Discover connections through relationship links. Plan the best sales approach with relationship maps to guide you. Track organization hierarchies, partnerships, and all your contacts' connections.

EMail Marketing Tool

What if you could engage a lot more people with a lot less effort? Our Email Marketing Tool is a highly versatile tool through which you can use to test and track email. You can test your emails in traditional web-clients and also popular mobile devices like Android, Apple and Windows.

Marketing Report

Our reporting tool supports full range of features for creating and maintaining a complete web-based reporting environment. Take your SEO, social content and PPC campaign to the next level with professional tools and reports. we generates report based on the points which are affecting your website page rank.

Website Optimization

Our tool is a guide which is designed to describe all areas of SEO –from discovery of the contents and keywords that generate traffic, to making a site search engine friendly. A site which is optimized by our SEO expert tool will always be far ahead of competitor sites and this means it will benefit from higher rankings, and greater volumes of traffic.

Built by marketers for marketers

We're a data-driven agency: we track, test, measure and analyze every piece of information in our clients' accounts to see what's working and what's not. Being able to log in to Our Tool and quickly see the data in a straightforward way takes the guess work out of marketing.

Social Media Tool

Social media proves really beneficial in website marketing and SEO as it facilitates incoming backlinks, allowance of crowd source to your links, increase rankings, multiply your site presence online, brings traffic to your webpage and allows you to create campaign for specific set of keywords. We will tell you how often your pages are liked, tweeted and mentioned on social networks.
Ecommerce Software Solution

Ecommerce Portal Development

Features of Ecommerce Portal

Catalog & Products Features
  • Unlimited number of categories, sub-categories, products and options.
  • Optimized brand landing pages
  • Item discounts based on quantity ordered.
  • Order discounts and promotional codes with single or multi use discount codes.
  • Products can be linked to multiple categories and have multiple options.
  • Set the order in which products display.
  • Options can be individually set to Optional or Required.
  • Options can be given a weight which will be factored into the shipping cost calculations along with the Product weight.
  • Support for "text" options which allows a customer to enter text when they order a product.
  • Digital Downloads are fully supported. All downloads are done through a script that checks the order status before allowing the download.
  • Store can be run in "Catalog Only" mode. This way, the store acts just like an online catalog, without any links to a shopping cart.
  • Ability to choose the "Featured Products" on your homepage.
  • Cross-Selling is supported via a related keys mechanism. This method is much less work than physically linking dozens of Products manually.
  • Tax-free products and options.
  • Support for product Ratings & Reviews per product.
  • Support for product suppliers
  • Support for product manufacturers
  • Support for product brands
  • Maintain inventory levels by product and product options.
  • Multiple product images
  • Zoom product images (multiple zoom options)
  • Integration with social media website
Blog Capabilities
  • Fully integrated search engine optimized blog
  • Ability to attach and cross sell products on blog posts
  • Social media integration (share blog posts)
  • Blog administration to maintain posts and content
Search Engine Optimization Features
  • Validated W3C XHTML / CSS code
  • Complete search engine friendly development
  • Ability to create unique title tags and meta information for categories and products
  • Dynamically created title tags and meta information for categories and products (ability to overwrite manually)
  • Proper placement of H1 tags on categories and products
  • Dynamically generated ALT tags
  • Breadcrumb navigation
  • Internal linking structure
  • Site map creation
  • XML site map creation and submission
  • Google Base integration
  • Rank Tracker
  • & much more
Administration Features
  • On-Screen help is available for most functions.
  • Easily manage Products, Categories, Options, Customers, Shipping, Locations, Orders and much more.
  • Upload Product Images and Software Items from your browser to your web server.
  • Store shipping rates are calculated by order weight and/or price. The amount charged for shipping can be calculated via fixed price or percentage. Ability to assign Free Shipping to an individual product.
  • Support for $ and other Post online shipping rates.
  • Configure sales tax per postal / zip code, municipality, state or country (billing or shipping address).
  • Activate/Deactivate individual customers.
  • Manage your orders from an intuitive screen. Order stock levels can be adjusted when the order ships.
  • Add private comments to each order, or comments that the customer can also see.
  • Statistical Charting tool.
  • Restrict digital downloads to a specified number of downloads, or a pre-determined number of hours.
  • Integrated Authorize.Net gateway allows you to authorize and collect Credit Card payments from your order management screen.
  • Ability to override any customer selected payment method with a Authorize.Net Credit Card payment. This is useful if the customer changes their mind about how they want to pay for an order after the order has already been placed.
  • Emails sent to customer via the store can be customized to suit your requirements. Dynamic replacement of text can also be done.
  • Send HTML Newsletters to your customers directly from your store.
  • Create and maintain discount codes.
Customer Convenience
  • Customer can view and modify their personal info by logging on to their account. Account can be created before or during CheckOut process.
  • Full order history and detail is available to the customer.
  • Customer receives confirmation eMails when they place the order, and when their order's status changes.
  • All software downloads are available via their online account. No more hassles with eMailed software links gone missing.
  • Customer can re-attempt payment at a later date. Sometimes the Payment Gateway's servers are down. With this software, the Customer can come back and pay later.
  • Password Reminder feature for Customers.
  • "Email A Friend" functionality allows customer to send a link to a Product via email.
  • Support for tax-free customers.
  • Convenient Order Print function from the customer's account area.
  • Advanced search function.
  • "Contact Us" script to send queries via email from your store.
  • "Save Cart" functionality.
  • See shipping estimates before checkout.
  • Customer can keep a list of their favorite products.
  • Selectable currency and language.
  • Product selection by brand.
Security & Encryption
  • SSL support utilizing the highest standard in online security.
  • Encryption of Passwords and Credit Card numbers in the database.
  • Robust user input validations throughout the store
  • Critical information is kept separate from the database.
  • Assign additional login to the admin for staff that can't modify the store's configuration settings.
eCommerce Payment Gateways
  • Built-in support for PayPal Website Payments Pro.
  • Built-in support for 2CheckOut.Com Auto-Update.
  • Built-in support for Google Checkout.
  • Built-in support for Authorize.Net credit card payment authorizations from the Administration area.
  • Built-in support for Verisign PayFlow Link and Pro.
  • Built-in support for World Pay.
  • Built-in support for LinkPoint.
  • Support for custom payment gateways via user exits.
  • Enter up to 9 Credit Card types (ex: Visa, Mastercard, etc.).
Analytics and Statistics
  • Complete integration with Google Analytics.
  • Conversion rate tracking.
  • See who visited your site, for how long and if they purchased.
  • Run report on where visitors came from and what keywords they searched.
  • Find which keywords are converting best.
  • Compare statistics based on date ranges.
  • View top landing pages and top exit pages.
  • & many more statistics and reports.