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Business Intelligence Software

Consequent to decades of information technology deployment, organizations today have more information at hand about their business environment than ever before. But in many cases the information is not being utilized to out-think the rivals. Big data and analytics enable your organization to leverage a wide range of information to increase operating efficiently and stay ahead of the competition.

We deliver the complete and integrated solution that let customers find value in big data, gain insight into every aspect of their business, plan ahead, and act with confidence-anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Cement ERP Software Solution

Cement ERP Software Solutions

These reports can be filtered based on Location-Dimensions-Segments and can be exported to various file formats. The reports are available in Graphic, Grid and Pivot Table format to make life easier than ever.

Making Business more Efficient and Productive

Through Integration and Automation of Workflow

BI Solutions gives you cubes and dimensions in the Excel to get the desired outcome. With our Technology and remote support Expand is serving Customers across India.

SAP data upload, import, migration, or conversion is a core activity during new SAP implementations, upgrades, or consolidations after mergers and acquisitions. BI Solutions is invaluable tools for such projects that can help companies ensure data accuracy and timeliness for mass imports into the SAP system, which helps to accelerate the ROI for such projects.

SAP data conversion tools

Excel spreadsheets often serve as staging platforms for the data being migrated from SAP. Business users can extract data from SAP systems and use Excel for clean up and transformation. After applying the transformations, the master or transactional data needs to be loaded into our system.

A new approach to SAP data import

SAP data import projects may involve technical IT resources or consultants who spend a lot of time communicating with business users to fully understand their needs and what constitutes valid or optimal data. This process can delay the project and significantly increase costs.

BI Solutions easy-to-use data-loading software enables business users to drive SAP data upload themselves—saving considerable time and money because they do not need to interpret their data needs to project analysts or consultants.

BI Solutions Accounting Software

Credit Notes

• Get credit notes for value adjustments. Get separate credit notes for quantity adjustments. Generate reports on outstanding.

• Adjust credit note with future transactions. Define approval levels and access restrictions.

Pendency Management

• Get pendency notes for cement dealers with their order details.

Finance Management

• Finance Management is the central application area of BI Solutions where all financial information is posted, summarized and reported.

• BI Solutions offers legacy Accounting Software Integration for Businesses to continue using their preferred Accounting System.

• Transition data exported into Tally Software.

Manage Posting Securely

• You can manage posting securely by limiting access based on approval. You can set a lock date before which saving and posting will not be permitted. This gives you complete centralized control of access to posting.


Capture receipts transaction and advance receipts separately. Define approval levels. Generate one click vouchers. Tag bill, credit notes for adjustments. BI manage BPIS and RTGS for Dealers.


Capture receipts transaction and advance receipts separately. Define approval levels. Generate one click vouchers. Tag bill, credit notes for adjustments.


Journals between nominal accounts are segregated from vendor accounts, making it secured in possibility for leakage.

Define security rights for access to journals and configure approvals.

Cash Bank Journal / BRS

View cash and bank in a snapshot. Drill into transaction for the view. Get user friendly option to search information by amount or in a date range.

Reconcile bank statement or get upload option to upload clearing dates. Generate one click reconciliation report.

Sales & Order Management

Order Management

• BI Solutions helps to get exhaustive order report linked with freight, procurement and bank negotiation.

• BI Solutions has a feature that reminds imperative appointments/tasks.

• Manage trade and non trade orders with their approvals.

Sales Management

Sales Management a feature of Expand gives you complete and accurate information to focus your interactions on preferred segments.

Key Benefits:

• Improve the success of your CRM efforts.

• Make well-informed decisions about customers.

• Customize the solution to fit your processes.

• Manage trade and non trade sales.

Focus on Preferred Customer Segments

Good sales and marketing practices are all about making the right decisions at the right time. And in order to make better business decisions, you need to stay focused and be in control of all marketing and sales efforts. You are empowered to:

• Increase your productivity

• Sharpen your competitive edge

• Grow your business

Access Accurate Information

• You can access important information about previous sales and marketing campaigns and future opportunities. Within moments you have the answers to such questions as, “When did I last contact Company A?” or “When did Contact B last order?” or “Who is our best dealer in particular time?”

Deliver better customer service

• BI EXPAND ERP Trade automates the entire sales process. When entering sales orders, the system automatically checks credit limits, customer account information, pricing agreements, and inventory levels so you can give your customers real-time information. You can print order confirmations to fax, email or SMS.

Understand Your Business

• When you have a clear overview of your contact information, you can analyze and understand future demand, and plan accordingly. You can measure the success of your campaigns, and you have the insight you need to identify specific segments and opportunities.

Discounts & Schemes

• BI Solutions gives you the flexibility to create different deals to promote your product. Business can create multiple discounts and schemes for a single product and system will pick the best price for the customer. Campaign management helps you to create customer level discounts for your loyal customers. With its BI tool you can do the analysis of different offers and can track how successful they are.

Credit Note

• Credit note functionally is required to handle returns in the system. Credit note is generated to credit the amount which was invoiced previously.

• In BI Solutions , procedure to create credit note is same as to create invoice, only thing which you have to do extra in credit note, is to select the existing invoice which was posted before and then create and post a credit note proposal. Credit note can have a validity which can be pre-defined in the system configurations. Customer can use that credit note at any of your store and in case of frauds; system allows you to void it as well.


• Different promotions can be created in the system and can help in boosting sales. Business can create customer specific offers, product level deals or can offer specific amount discounts on products.

• The problem comes in managing and reconciling offers and their impact in the business. EXPAND provide you the in-build reports for analyzing these offers promotion wise, location wise, customer segment wise intelligent reports which helps you to understand the customer buying behavior.


Manage your Customer Experience and Leads with BI CRM.

Customer Relationship

Store all your Contacts with complete demographics. Categories them with multiple attributes status, type, area, size and more. Keep them updated with your offers and services through email campaigns.


Calendar with reminders on follow up and appointments will ensure regular customer connect. Create and assign tasks to multiple people. Be updated real-time on progress and status of the assigned task.

Get Reminders

Communication plays a vital role. The interval field in the CRM specifies the frequency of communication with the customer and accordingly generates reminders and follows up.

Mobile APP

Capture your Leads and reporting with ease while on the move.

Sales Module

• Record all leads and update progress, update interactions, appointment and follow up directly into central database and speed up your back office.

• Don’t miss imperative appointments/tasks.

• Your cement dealer can easily access it and get their reports.

HR & Finance

• Attendances check in and check out for out of office resources.

• Easy leave application and status reporting.

• Manage and submit travel expenses while on the move

• Query customer details and outstanding for payment collection while on the move.

• Fetch all major management reports for decision making thru mobile

Information @ your fingertip!

• In today’s dynamic market place, it’s vital to have real time insights at your fingertip and should eliminate guesswork from your decision making.

• Mobility provides you ease while accessing your business analytics with a swipe of your finger.

• Engage your workforce for real time update and stay connected with your customers 24/7 is the key to success.

Self Services ERP Software

Customer Portal

• Engage your customers to feed their orders online. Customers can view transactions, print invoice copy, check order status, track dispatch and pendency report with details.

Control Your Business End-to-End. Remain Agile. Stay ahead of time.

Be equipped with smart technology to run your cement business efficiently. BI Solutions on for Cement traders can help you control your operations end-to-end—from order and dispatch procurement. With best practices and functionalities built for the cement business, you can also ensure a hassle-free supply chain, and monitor your trade in real-time to manage your raw material and fuel requirements.

Our distribution management solution enables you to check book orders and dispatch order through mobile devices, drastically shortening the order servicing cycle times. You can get real-time information about operations, sales, etc., and make well-informed and timely decisions. In short, you can ensure that your cement business is on track, always, and ready to serve your customers’ every need — further strengthening your business bonds, even as profitability soars.

Solve Order-Dispatch puzzles

Plan effectively, Requirements efficiently.

A you can plan and meet your Order and Dispatch product requirements efficiently through our supply chain solution.

Never let the customer wait

Deliver cement to your customers on time, every time.

With BI Solutions, you can ship customer orders on time, always. You can plan your shipment well ahead of time; help reduce wastages in packing; and increase revenue potential in many other ways, using the Process Control features.

• Follow-up pending orders closely with the order management system, execute customer orders within 24 hours and achieve customer satisfaction.

• Analyze freight and plan logistics effectively using shipment planning.

• In case of shortage of stock, transfer from depots and dealers using stock transfer process to deliver to customers on time.

• Process shipment documents efficiently using mass processing capabilities; improve shipment volumes.

Make the most of your assets

Keep your plant up and running 24x7. Increase the life and worth of your assets.

You can achieve the highest levels of capacity utilization using our plant maintenance solution, tailored to cement plants. You can implement best-in-class maintenance strategies to ensure better asset reliability and performance.

• Schedule and adhere to preventive maintenance schedules; reduce downtimes.

• Eliminate unplanned plant shutdown and extend asset life through routine maintenance

• Get complete visibility of maintenance cost and budget, to optimize maintenance expenses

Optimize power consumption

Manage your operations efficiently. Use power optimally. Reduce cost.

BI Solutions can help your power-intensive cement plants to optimize power consumption. Using plant setup and capacity configuration, coupled with real-time integration of equipments, you can have complete visibility over power consumption and reduce power wastage.

• Use power optimally and lower production overheads, using BI Process Control solution.

• Achieve consistency in operations and increase productivity.

• Increase generator utilization factor in captive power plants and reduce power consumption by monitoring operations in real-time.

Real-Time Integration

Real-time integration helps to acquire data from a variety of data sources (real-time or otherwise) by suitably implementing the data access methodologies prescribed to them. It also ensures that the data acquisition mechanism is robust and fail-safe following suitable data validation processes. It assimilates the data into one single data basket and processes the same as per the configurations for data as a statistic value, condition based translation or otherwise.

Control and Automation

ERP provides complete control and automation distributed control systems, from crushers to packers for cement industries. ERP developing companies design, configure, engineer, install and commission the control and automation system on a total turnkey basis. Engineering services in automation include system study and analysis, development of control philosophy, system design, making user friendly operating systems, programming, process ID loop tuning, custom interface driver development, documentation, customer training and reports customization.